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The story of this playground project was born from a simple concept – inclusion should be the norm, and "play" accessible to all.

Everyone's Playground would enable organic play and interaction amongst youth and all ages, of all interest and abilities. 

What sparked this direction dates back to two kindergarten friends in 2018, challenged by the underdeveloped terrain of this identified park.

Penny came home from school one day and exchanged, “Mom- I want to play with my friend Nola on the playground, but she can’t get to me on the wood chips.”

You see, Nola has cerebral palsy and at the time required a wheelchair to move around. The soft mulch and uneven surfaces of the playground meant that she had to be parked in one location or in an adaptive swing for much of her recess time. Meanwhile, her friends without mobility limitations were free to move from place to place without her. 

Our vision at Everyone's Playground  lands on the premise and location of Kitty Hawk Elementary School and 

will replace the current (old) school playground. The KHES Playground is open year round, after school hours, evenings, weekends and summer to the public.

We invite everyone to connect towards the prospects of this development for our community and childrenby our community.

Our Story: About Me

For youth and adults of all ages, of all interests, and all abilities.

Our Story: Video
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