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A Universal Design principal is the creation and composition of an environment that can be accessed and understood to the greatest extent by all, and as independently as possible. This principle is highlighted from the Center for Excellence in Universal Design.

This all-inclusive playground will be accessible for local and surrounding community residents, our Outer Banks visitors, and students during school hours.

Everyone’s Playground will replace the current (old) Kitty Hawk Elementary School playground and open to the general public year round after school hours, evenings, weekends and all throughout the summer.

It's exact location(s) being both the center and front playgrounds at Kitty Hawk Elementary School. 

Key Features of the Everyone’s Playground Design

  • Poured in place rubber surfacing: flat, uniform material throughout

  • All playground equipment (not just a select few) - accessible, low grade & wide ramps, multiple accessible entry points.

  • An important value and understanding, is that accessible and independent play by the individual is key!

  • Accessible swings intermixed with conventional swings - not isolated at the end of the swingset or separated 

                            Integrated Solutions                                   

  • Solid surfacing throughout all playground areas (center (1) and 3-5 (2&3) areas) 

  • Ensures complete accessibility for anyone with mobility challenges

  • Is more durable over time and requires less year to year maintenance

  • Better equipment and layout

  • Wide variety of playground equipment accessible to individuals of variable physical and cognitive abilities

  • Equipment designed to cater to those with sensory challenges such as children or adults with autism

  • Creative layout thoughtfully designed to encourage children and adults to play together even if their physical or cognitive abilities differ

Pictured below are the blueprints developed for the playground. We will be working with Cunningham Recreation for the design and build of Everyone's Playground.

Our Vision: About Me

Follow this video to see one of the inspirations for our universal playground design!

Our Vision: Video
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